The problem

Has the 2 button key card for your Renault Espace Mk4 become intermittent, does it rattle, or has it just stopped you from locking or unlocking the doors, or starting the engine?

When these key cards start to fail, quite often a component comes loose, and you will hear it rattling inside.
This does not always affect operation straightaway, but you may notice it becoming erratic - operating OK sometimes, and not others.
If this is happening to you - its time to get it sorted before you get stranded or locked out!

You could try Renault for a new key card, but you will find that they want to charge you over £200!
There are no other options available for sourcing a new card unfortunately.
Don't imagine that you could use a second hand one, because being an electronic key, it is programmed to work with your car only.

Many owners simply switch to their second key card if they have one, but not everyone does - and even so it makes sense to make sure your backup key card is working!

The solution

A cost effective solution to this problem is to get your 2 button key card repaired.
It is possible to do this yourself, but these units are very delicate inside, and it is very easy to damage the electronics beyond repair - then your only option would be to buy new from Renault.

Therefore it makes sense to get your repair carried out by our expert technicians at QER Ltd.
Not only do we trace the and repair the fault, but we inspect all the components and solder connections and replace both switches and the battery to ensure maximum longevity.

We will also replace the external case with a new one if you choose this option.
If you choose the standard option, some minor cosmetic damage around the edge may be evident after repair.

Please note we do not offer a repair service for the 3 button version. We only repair the 2 switch type.

What you need to do

After completing checkout, please send your faulty 2 button key card in a box or jiffybag to:

Quality House
Reedlands Road
CA14 3YF
United Kingdom

(Simply enclose a note stating "Please Repair" and enclose some ID so we can match up your order.
PLEASE DO NOT send a copy of your driving licence or other official documents.
Please allow approx one week in total from the day you post until the day you receive.)

At QER Ltd (Quality Electronic Repairs), we have been repairing all types of electronic controls since 1984, and have repaired hundreds of Renault key cards already.
All our products carry a 12 month guarantee.
Order now with confidence!

Our happy customers

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We use only top quality components, and consumables.

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